Thursday, November 10, 2016

Elegant Fairy



Animation Shop

  PTU tube used is called "Elegance Fairy" By Andy Cooper and can be purchased HERE

  PTU scrap kit used is called "Autumn Ninfa" By BiBi and can be purchased HERE

  Mask used is Mask 4 from set 131 by Rachels Designs and can be found HERE

  Animation used is Simone Ani514 which can be found HERE

  Font Used is Respective 2.0 (FTU)

**This tutorial is written with the understanding that the user has a good working knowledge of psp and the usage of it's various tools.**


Open a new work space 700 X 500
Flood fill white
Paste Paper 6 as a new layer
Apply mask of choice
Paste Elem.5 as a new layer
Resize 37%
Use your free hand selection tool set at point to point and select the inside of the frame
Paste Paper 1 as a new layer
Send under the frame
Resize 45%
Selctions, Invert, Delete
Selections, Select None
Paste your tubed image as a new layer
Resize as needed and place at the left
Paste Elem.71 as a new layer
Resize 57%
Place at the top of the frame under the tubed image
Use your eraser tool to remove the excess string
Paste Elem.80 as a new layer
Resize 45%
Use your selection tool feather set to 44
Select the left side of the cloud at the bottom
Hit the delete button until you get the desired effect
Repeat this step for the other side and bottom
Paste Elem.31 as a new layer
Resize 41%
Image, Free Rotate, Right 90
Place at the left side
Send under everything
Image, Mirror
Paste Elem.46 as a new layer
Resize 36%
Place at the bottom right
Paste Elem.77 as a new layer
Resize 25%
Place at the bottom right
Paste Elem.19 as a new layer
Resize 17%
Place at the bottom right
Duplicate 2 X's
Resize each as desired
Place as desired
Paste Elem.67 as a new layer
Resize 25%
Place at the top left
Paste Elem.8 as a new layer
Resize 23%
Place at the bottom left
If you DO NOT wish to animate then do the following:
X out the white background
Merge Everything
Adjust, Sharpen
Apply the appropriate © and watermark as desired
Save as a png for a transparent background
If you DO wish to animate then X out all of the images on top which include the tubed image,bottle, Leafs, Dog, and Tree stump
X out the white back ground as well
Merge the remaining items
X out the merged items
Un X the top images which are the tubed image etx.
Merge the top images

Now you should have the white background x'd out and 2 merged layers
Open Animation Shop
Open your animation effect and resize as needed
Paste the bottom merged image from your psp to animation shop
Make sure to duplicate this image so you have the same amount of slides as your animation effect
Do the steps needed to move your animation effect into the merged image slides
Now paste your top merged images from you psp to your animation Shop and as before duplicate till you have the same amount of slides
Move the top images into your animated slides
Tick the AS Wizard and see if your tag is as desired and save

Don't forget to add your © and watermark as well

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to email me

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